Born & raised in Morris County, New Jersey, the home of Washington Headquarters & Peter Dinklage’s childhood memories, I felt from a young age a call to greatness.  I was sure fame & fortune were a given in my sun-bright future.  I wrote my first novel at the age of nine, handwritten, 75 pages, front AND back.  I began starring in local theater at the age of ten.  I designed countless dresses for my inevitable trips down the red carpet.

…however, sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan.  Not for most of us.  I ended up not on Broadway, but instead at the prestigious and fruity Emerson College.  I graduated with a Screenwriting degree & a fear that every attractive straight man is probably gay.  I currently live in Astoria Queens and work in (*sigh*) television.

Rachface Logic is my creative outlet to share with the world (ok, so my Mom and someone bored from Kentucky) snippets of my daily life, my fiction, & anything else that infuses fun & glamour into my ordinary life.

XoXo Rachface


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